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Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit

Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit
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Don't throw out your favorite tarp just because it has a hole in it. Instead, patch the hole using a Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit from Tarp Surplus. Repairing rather than replacing your tarp will save you time and money. The small vinyl tarp repair kit from Tarp Surplus includes 1 pint of HH-66 vinyl adhesive and 1 patch of 18-ounce vinyl in your choice of color. The vinyl patch measures 2' x 5' and is large enough to sufficiently cover most holes. The patch may be cut into smaller pieces for multiple repairs of the same tarp.

Our small vinyl tarp repair kit is easy to use and comes with instructions to ensure perfect adhesion. When installed properly, the repaired tarp will maintain its waterproof nature and will not leak at the site of the patch. Tarp patches are available in 15 colors to match most tarps. Vinyl tarp repair kits are suitable for patching temporary garage covers, event tents and more. Repair kits ship quickly and are priced low making tarp repairs convenient and cost-effective.

  • Includes 1 pint of HH-66 vinyl adhesive and 1 vinyl patch
  • Patch measures 2' x 5'
  • 18 oz vinyl
  • 15 patch color options

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