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Poly Tarps

Poly TarpsColorful tarps in a variety of different sizes and shades are available at Tarp Surplus for a plethora of different uses. A good tarp must be durable, waterproof and washable, and Tarp Surplus makes finding the ideal tarp for your specific needs a snap.

Clear Poly Tarps
Blue Poly Tarps
Brown/Green Poly Tarps
Camouflage Poly Tarps
Green Poly Tarps
Orange Poly Tarps
Red Poly Tarps
Silver Poly Tarps
Silver/Black Poly Tarps
Silver/Brown Poly Tarps
Silver/White Poly Tarps
Tan Poly Tarps
White Poly Tarps
Yellow Poly Tarps

Every tarp cover in the Tarp Surplus inventory has been constructed with UV laminated polyethylene material that is both waterproof and washable. Every tarp is built to have maximum durability with corner edges that have been reinforced with rope, hemmed, double folded and heat sealed. This combination gives the tarp much better pull resistance. These poly tarps have grommets installed with spacing either 18 inches or 36 inches apart.

You can use poly tarps as protection for a roof, to protect yard or construction equipment, to cover a canopy or for a variety of other purposes. Clear Tarps provide protection from the elements while still allowing full visibility through the fabric. Clear Tarps are constructed with heavy-duty 14 mil polyethylene fabric and are idea as a multi-use cover, especially appropriate for portable greenhouses. Each clear tarp contains 1/2" x 1/2" reinforced fiber squares. Their adaptability to wide-ranging temperature extremes is another advantage of clear tarps. Fire Retardant Tarps, which provide handy use as sun covers, canopy covers and roof covers, are treated with fire resistant agents and are made using high-density polyethylene material with compliance to NFPA 701, CPAI-84 & California Title 19 standards as a flame resistant product. Fire Retardant Tarps are waterproof, washable and rot resistant. You can cool down your environment with a Mesh Tarp, which provides sufficient shade protection while light and wind still penetrate the fabric. The mesh fabric is woven and is ideal for use in the summer. It can also be swapped out with waterproof covers during the wet season. Most mesh tarps will last four to seven years before requiring replacing.

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