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Tarpaulins By Material

Tarpaulins for many applications are sold at Tarp Surplus, with types ranging from poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps and mesh tarps, all the way to hay tarps, lumber tarps, boat tarps and other types of tarp covers. Poly tarps can come in white, red, green, orange, blue, silver, brown, camouflage and many other colors. Common canvas tarps can be white, brown or green. Tarpaulins vary by material and application.

Poly Tarps
Mesh Tarps
Vinyl Tarp Covers
10 Oz. Vinyl Mesh Tarps<br>Ships Within 10-12 Business Days
Canvas Tarps
18 Oz. Clear PVC Tarps<br>Ships Within 2 Business Days
Neoprene Tarps
Fire Retardant Tarps
Polyester Mesh Tarps<br>(For Refuse Transfer Trailers)
Privacy Fence Tarps
10 Oz. Vinyl Mesh Tarps<br>Ships Within 10-12 Business Days
Insulated Tarps
Welding Blankets

Polyethylene Mesh Tarps are best when airflow is needed. Used for greenhouses and patios, poly mesh tarps are weather resistant and durable, providing mesh tarps that supply 73 percent shade protection and 27 percent light filtration. Vinyl Tarp Covers boast high abrasion resistance and tear strength and are suited for truck hauling, construction, industrial and agriculture covers. The vinyl tarp covers are available in 13 ounces and 18 ounces laminated and 18 ounces vinyl coated. Clear PVC Tarps provide resistance to weather and abrasion and supply a completely clear enclosure to enable viewing and light transmittance. Neoprene Tarps are chemical resistant and UV resistant, providing protection for valuables from the sun's harmful rays as well as water and other elements. These made-to-order neoprene tarps take a little longer to be delivered because they're customized, but they end up supplying great protection for things stored in hazardous areas. Fire Retardant Polyethylene Tarps have heat-sealed seams and a 14 x 14 mesh count and are made of a 1200 Denier three-ply material. Knitted Polypropylene shade sails give UV protection and comfort in domestic areas. Available in both triangular and square shapes, sun shade sails can block up to 90 percent of the sun's exposure for a cooler temperature in any environment. Cool breezes can still pass through the fabric while resisting moisture and natural temperature extremes. Insulated Tarps are frequently used as kiln covers and concrete curing blankets.

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