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Tarp Accessories

Tarp AccessoriesIn addition to the largest selection of tarp covers imaginable, Tarp Surplus also carries every accessory its customers could possibly require to enhance the use of their tarps. Whether you need them for outdoor shelter applications, or for residential or commercial use, Tarp Surplus can outfit you with all your tarp accessory needs.

Tarp Tent Stakes
Tarp Snap Clamps
Tarp Repair And Anchor Kits
Tarp Ball Bungees
Tarp Tie Downs

You'll need something to hold down that tarp, whether it is stakes, clamps or bungees, or something to keep the tarp in place during transport, such as cords to tie it down. Stakes and clamps might be needed if you're planning a camping excursion.

Tarp Ball Bungees can help secure a tarp with a simple design employing elastic rubber and a plastic ball. The bungee ties simply slide through the tarp grommet and wrap around a fixed object before being snapped back over the plastic ball. Ball tie lengths of 6 inches, 9 inches or 11 inches are available in three different colors. The 9” ball bungee tie is the most widely used size for tarp tents and portable shelters. Tarp tent stakes made of hardened steel are sold in 10", 15", 18", 30" and 31" lengths. Tarp Surplus has a lot of different kinds of stakes, including straight-line and auger tip styles. Use them for camping, canopy anchoring, gardening and agricultural purposes. Tarp repair and anchor kits restore existing tarp covers. A variety of tarp repair and anchor kits include grommet installation kits, sand bags, rope, and vinyl and poly tarp repair patch kits. These kits can help extend the life of your tarp. Tarp Snap Clamps can be used to attach netting, shade cloth or tarps to a pipe frame. Use these plastic tarp clamps in greenhouses, carports, shade canopies or enclosures. Hook bungee ties, which come with two hooks and an elastic rubber cord, can secure cargo of all sizes.

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