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Poly Tarps By Use

Renowned for their strength and versatility, poly tarps are commonly used as outdoor covers for athletic fields, and are often used in construction and roofing, as well. Tarp Surplus has a wide selection of poly tarps for everything from drains and welding to agricultural purposes.

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Poly tarp is made of polyethylene coating over polyester mesh fabric. Most poly tarp fabrics are cross-woven reinforced and coated for waterproofing and UV resistance. Heavy duty poly tarps are usually stronger than canvas tarps, although heavy duty poly tarps have lighter weight than canvas tarps. Poly tarps provide longevity at a relatively low price. They're lightweight, but also durable. Their uses are myriad, including truck and lumber uses. Each truck lumber tarp comes complete with either drops of either 8 feet or 10 feet, four rows of D-rings and one flap wrap around. Lumber covers like these are made for protecting wood, hay or other bulky products. Hay tarps help bale stacks from outside elements. Each hay tarp is made with heavy-duty and durable HDPE polyethylene.

For rain delays anywhere from Little League baseball to the major leagues, Tarp Surplus offers athletic tarps that divert water off the playing area and can be ordered for specific areas, such as a pitcher's mound or home plate. Not only will athletic tarps protect a carefully manicured field from suffering water damage or sustaining excess mud, but it will preserve the integrity of an athletic schedule by saving you from having to postpone and reschedule games due to unplayable fields.

Tarp Surplus understands that different tarps fill different needs, and what makes an effective tarp for construction is not the same as what comprises the best athletic tarp.

Convenient and affordable tarps of all types are available at Tarp Surplus, which has a customer-friendly return policy and the best quality on the market.

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