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Mesh Tarps

Mesh TarpsPolyethylene Shade Mesh Tarps available at Tarp Surplus are an easy and inexpensive method for controlling the temperature in a greenhouse, allowing sunlight and air to penetrate. Appropriate for many home and garden uses, Polyethylene Shade Mesh Tarps provide proper airflow as well as substantial weather resistance. Made of a durable fabric supplying 73 percent shade protection and 27 percent light filtration, mesh tarps can be just the answer to the dilemma of protecting garden nurseries or patios. Use it as a patio frame to make your patio livable even in the sultry summer season. Each tarp is made with grommets spaced every 18 inches apart and rope-reinforced edges double-hemmed for added strength. The durable material means that sudden tears are a minimal and very remote likelihood.

Blue Mesh Tarps
Tan Mesh Tarps
Black Construction Mesh
Green Construction Mesh
Polyester Mesh Tarps<br>(For Refuse Transfer Trailers)
Knitted Polypropylene
Discount Tarps