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(Sold As Singles)

Green Leaf Tarps
(Sold As Singles)

Green Leaf Tarps<br>(Sold As Singles)

Raking leaves isn’t always fun, but it doesn’t have to be a dreadful ordeal. With a green leaf tarp from Tarp Surplus, cleanup is easy. Simply rake your leaves into the center of this lightweight but strong 4-ounce poly tarp and fold it; then pull the straps tight and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about tears or abrasion, either, because these strong tarps can even resist punctures from sharp rake tines.

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Green Leaf Tarps - Heavy Duty Drawstrings Included (Easy Cinch)
4 oz. Per Square Yrd. - 6 Mil. Thick - 08 x 10 Weave - Multi-Purpose

Four Heavy-Duty Drawstrings   Abrasion Resistant
Water Proof Mildew Resistant 
Easy Cinch Design Durable polyethylene Fabric 
Heat Sealed Seams Arctic Flexibility
Tear Resistant UV Resistant 


Green Leaf Tarp W/ Drawstring 6' x 6'<br>(Finished Size  5'6" x 5'6")<br>
Price: $23.20
Sale Price: $11.60
Green Leaf Tarp W/ Drawstring 9' x 9'<br>(Finished Size  8'6" x 8'6")<br>
Price: $34.40
Sale Price: $17.20
Tarp Surplus’ green leaf collection tarps feature four heavy-duty drawstrings. They’re waterproof and mildew resistant, so you can even use them with wet leaves on a damp day. With heat-sealed seams and an easy-cinch design, these leaf tarps are ideal for heavy loads and light loads alike. They’re even versatile enough to be used as barbecue covers or patio furniture covers when you’re not using them to whisk away leaves, which makes them a fantastic investment that you can use year-round.

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