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Canvas Tarps

10' X 10' Olive Drab/Green  Canvas Tarp 12 Oz.
Price: $79.45
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20' x 20' Gold Canvas Tarp<br>10 Oz.
Price: $237.63
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Canvas Tarps

Canvas Tarps are the perfect solution for covering outdoor equipment over long periods of time. The strong canvas fabric will last for many years as long as the water repellant agents are applied periodically throughout the life of the tarp. There are many applications for which the canvas tarp is useful including protecting precious cargo and supplies. In addition, these durable USA made covers are ideal for salvage operations and have been a huge benefit to fire departments around the nation. Each canvas tarp is made using 100% single filled military cotton duct fabric . The greatest advantage to this type of fabric is the breathability. Unlike other tarpaulins, particularly the poly variety, canvas tarps will not trap moisture and will greatly reduce condensation, as well as wind and rot.

Please Note: ** Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 15-20 business days before shipping. Please Read Our Custom Tarp Policy Before Ordering. **

10 Oz. White Canvas<br>Tarps<br>Full Finished Sizes
12 Oz. Blue Canvas<br>Tarps<br>Full Finished Sizes
10 Oz. Brown Canvas<br>Tarps<br>Full Finished Sizes
12 Oz. Olive Drab Canvas<br>Tarps<br>Full Finished Sizes
10 Oz. Gold Canvas<br>Tarps<br>Full Finished Sizes

Canvas Tarp Facts:

  1. Canvas Tarps are not recommended for use as car or boat covers. Canvas Tarps are fabricated using colored dye and waterproofing wax that may rub off and stain any surface that the fabric is in contact with, including paint, fiberglass or fabric.
  2. Canvas Tarps should not be used as trailer tarps. The Canvas Tarp material is not strong enough to withstand the pulling force from wind generated while in transit.
  3. It is not recommended to use Canvas Tarps for applications that require excessive pulling on the grommets of the fabric. Canvas Tarps do not have the high tensile strength needed for excessive pull force. Please refer to Vinyl Tarps for applications that require force. Canvas Tarps should not be used as divider curtains, canopy tops or as side walls.
  4. Canvas Tarps are water resistant, not waterproof. The material does have a saturation point and will eventually leak through if in constant contact with water, such as rain.
  5. Canvas Tarps are treated with water repellent agents made from petroleum byproducts that will leave a strong odor. Due to this fact, it is not recommended to use Canvas Tarps indoors. The odor will dissipate as the material is exposed to outside air.
  6. Due to the fact that Canvas material is made using 100% cotton fibers, the fabric will shrink over time. The amount of shrinkage is dependent on environmental conditions, such as a weather, sun exposure and humidity.
  7. All Canvas material should be cleaned using only specifically designed chemicals for Canvas products. Do not use ordinary house soap or laundry detergent. Regular soap may remove the water repellent agents and cause the fabric to bleed.


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