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20' x 20' Roofing Tear Off Tarp

20' x 20' Roofing Tear Off Tarp
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If your construction or roofing company needs a sturdy, no non-sense tarp for tough job site clean-ups, discover the 20' x 20' roofing tear off tarp from Tarp Surplus. This heavy-duty blanket is constructed from 40 oz. of rugged black vinyl material that includes two-inch cross-weave webbing. The combination allows for increased load capacity. Use this state-of-the-art design to remove debris and trash from roof tops. The distinctive webbing is equipped with O-rings on each end. When it's time to clean up, simple attach a clevis hook and lift. How easy is that? However, keep in mind that the innovative roofing tear off tarp is for job site clean-up only. The roofing tear off tarp is not designed to be utilized as a lifting sling.

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