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08' X 12' Blue Canvas Tarp

08' X 12' Blue Canvas Tarp
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Don't be blue if your garage is full or you don't have anywhere to store lawn equipment, bikes and more. Simply go blue with the 8' x 12' blue canvas tarp from Tarp Surplus that can effectively keep items well protected from the elements outside season after season. This versatile tarp is constructed from a 100 percent single filled military cotton duct fabric that features double-stitched hems and seams. Thanks to a strong, breathable fabric, your items are securely covered. The blue canvas tarp is wind, water and mildew-resistant. Its fabric will effectively reduce the formation of condensation on the articles stored underneath. You'll love this no-fuss, tear-resistant tarp that gives you a whole host of storage options all year round. Grommets are available every two feet to allow you to tie the tarp down if need be. Tarp Surplus' blue canvas tarp is the perfect pick for home and commercial jobs.

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